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Today, the day that the livestock breeders had been waiting for the grace of the natural nature of their livestock, passed away. Science has come to the aid of mankind, and with the simple way, it has increased the birth rate in the livestock. Livestock specialists believe that artificial insemination is one of the improvements that can be of great help to dairy farmers in the present day. The use of superior cows to increase the transmission of production capacity, Disease control, and most importantly, the correction of a large number of traps, all due to artificial insemination. Breeding and raising livestock productivity is the best way to cope with hunger and food shortages, and work has begun on increasing the production and production of cattle in most developed countries, and we are currently witnessing the production of cattle in the world. In this publication, it has been tried to explain how to perform artificial insemination, its proper time and the benefits of inoculation

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Top male cows in the world

Of all the cow breeds that exist all over the world, they are not all for the sake of producing milk. Many breeds of cattle are raised to produce meat.
Some breeds are simply raised to produce milk or milk and meat.
Here we will find the best breed of cattle, which has more milk and economic value, the animals that have the highest production and survival rates in the world.

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نوید ایرانیان

The world’s 100 best bulls in the TPIinternattop100 index


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The best broiler breeds


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